white people working in community to dismantle white supremacy from the inside out

Inspect. Stay in your body.
Connect. Reach for each other.
Act. Live it everyday.

We are a growing community of white folx working to be anti-racists everyday. We work closely with and are guided by our accountability partner, Holistic Resistance

Holistic Resistance

This is an ongoing community practice of using deep questions and intimate conversations to holistically resist white supremacy. Most of our meetings are online for now, except Wake Up Portland/PDX who meet in person. You are welcome to join any group. You can find our full calendar here. Reach out to us with any questions.

Bay Area Wake Up offers a 6-session intro series called Intro to Wake Up for those new in their journey.

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For a more in-depth 4+ month Cohort program, consider Disrupting Our Whiteness.

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HR Guiding principles for white folx

Holistic Resistance believes there needs to be a place for white folks to be with each other and work on our material.

AND...it does not erase our work with People of Color-led leadership and movements.

We respect this process as a portion of our work, not the complete picture.  

White people working with accountability is an essential piece of not putting the burden exclusively on People of Color to help white folks unlearn our racism.‚Äč

We invite you to not leave it to People of Color to ask you important questions about your whiteness.  

We also invite you to recognize questions and feelings that are better kept to yourself and harmful when in the presence of People of Color.

Are mixed race people welcome? Are People of Color welcome?

These meetings are aimed for white folks working on their racism, and we invite white people to unedit their responses as much as possible, to really deeply process and notice the racism that lives inside of us. Witnessing this can be very painful for People of Color - and, POC and mixed race folx are always welcome to join. We trust your desire to be in these spaces and will support you in being there and the extra energy that it takes to be in these spaces.